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I am glad we establish contact, albeit indirectly through internet.

Who is Bozhidar Karadzhov?

They call him the “miracle man”, the “phenomenal Bozhidar Karadzhov”, media – press and television constantly seek him for advice and prophecies, no matter the case. But in reality he is an ordinary young Bulgarian, who is no way different form other people in his daily life.

He has completed higher education – master’s degree in psychology at the University of Plovdiv and bachelor’s degree in economics at the Economic Academy in Svishtov.

He says that he has an unusual talent, but whether it is a gift from God, responsibility or empathy with the pain and happiness of others, it is a matter of perspective. He feels rich with his many friends and the people who know him, because in every crucial moment he has responded to their call for help and was their only hope and proper guidance to find love and happiness and to preserve their life and health.

He has never been in a coma, neither has he suffered an accident. He was born with the ability to penetrate in time and to draw knowledge from channels inaccessible to most people. For more than 15 years he has not stop to help and to decode the information enshrined in us.

He claims that everyone is able to change his destiny by about 20% and to steer it in the positive direction he wishes to. And right here is the power of clairvoyance – to assist the process of making correct choices.

He says he has the gift to predict and see the future of a particular person. This is easy for him, but also very responsible. He does not hear voices and perceives no images, but receives detailed information about the person in the form of thought. But perhaps so it should be!? The Bible says “In the beginning was the Word”. In fact, how little we know about it!, Karadzhov admitted

How he sees the future?!

It’s a secret, he says. Otherwise, his life is not different from the life of any other young person – he takes care for children, home, family, many friends. He rejoices, laughs, loves to be around people. Nothing human is alien to him.

Everyone has a gift and is destined for something. Mine is to help by informing in advance about the things that can happen or be avoided, Karadzhov explains.

If you cannot do it by yourself, you should seek the assistance of people like me. My life principle is: If you cannot help others, at least do not harm them.

To look into the future is something he does involuntarily and with ease. He is capable of clearing negative energy – it is like a background in us or around us which he immediately perceives. In a lot of cases people themselves accumulate negative emotions, thoughts and block happiness, love and luck.

We wash our face and body every day, but what do we do about it – the soul? Here I do not include cases where foreign malice, envy and ignorance choke our luck and block our prosperity and fruitfulness. Unfortunately, there are people, who deliberately cause negative twists in our lives. When it hurts more? In both cases, he said.

If something falls beyond his competency, he does not do it. He refuses to apply any procedures that may harm someone or against his/her free will. The information he gives for a certain person is 80% accurate as his/her health is a priority.

The 20 variable percent are in your hands – depending on the direct action or inaction of the particular person, his/her life turns in one or another direction. There are no questions I cannot give information, whether related to love, work, future… There is a path everyone must go. Once it is drawn, I can follow it, he says.

Usually in a personal meeting he does want to know anything about the person – he does not ask and want no comments. He needs only full name, date and year of birth. This is enough to start talking about everything that concerns the person facing him. He does not work with numerology, ne is not an astrologist. He is a clairvoyant.

If you prefer to get an answer without a personal contact, but via e-mail, it is desirable to send me a photo. I can be helpful even from a distance.

Religion, sex, beliefs are of no importance to him. We are equal before God and we are all guests on earth. The goal is to live in a better and cleaner world – not to squander and waste our lives. Not to suffer and make so many mistakes, and our earthly journey to be more meaningful – such as we ourselves understand it and wish it to be. To be ourselves, to live in harmony with nature, with others and with ourselves is achievable by a single timely consultation with a person who has his abilities.

After achieving balance, people will experience the feeling called love. In such positive attitude, nothing is able to harm them, except themselves.

Thank you for contacting me, because nothing happens by accident in this world. It was supposed to happen and our paths to cross. Be alive, healthy, loved and blessed, Bozhidar Karadzhov concluded.